Healing Clinic

Healing Clinic

There is no greater gift that you can give yourself, than the gift of Self discovery.

One-on-One Sessions with Jeff Dunphy, Teacher of Ancient Wisdom and Founder of Retooling the World

“There’s nothing you cannot change but for a change in perspective.” ~ Jeff Dunphy

Healing Clinic Sessions are a soul collaboration for those inspired to transcend the challenges of everyday life and experience the specific divine design for their own life.These sessions are ideal for those ready to invest in their healing, who have a strong desire for change, and a knowingness that there’s a better way to approach life.

In these intimate sessions, we collaborate to discover the blockages and congestion that preclude you from achieving your highest potential. These sessions provide opportunity for insight and clarity. During our time together, custom tailored tools and methods are provided to support the transmutation of life challenges.

Some of the modalities in session include:

Esoteric Psychology

Esoteric Astrology

Ancient Healing Techniques

Telepathic Healing

Belief Repatterning

Guided Meditation and Visualization

Yogic Techniques

And More…

Cost for a 50-minute sessions is $150. A series of sessions is highly recommended to anchor true transformation. Live sessions take place in our private sanctuary in Calgary, Canada. International Sessions are held via Zoom.


This was the most remarkable session I’ve ever experienced! Being an over-thinker, as I am, this work transcended my mind and brought me to a new level of self-awareness. Thank you!” ~ J.V., Calgary, AB

Jeff introduced me to new ways of seeing the world that have completely changed my life! These sessions have given me the opportunity to let go of old ways of being and step into new ways of being me.” ~ W.D., Miami, FL


To request an appointment email Jeff directly at: retoolingtheworld@gmail.com

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