Awaken Your Joy

There is a knowingness within each one of us.

It drives a hunger that’s been with us since birth. The Ancient Mystery schools and the Contemporary Mystery Schools are here to serve mankind.

In a simple step by step manner the intellect and the abstract mind are intertwined to develop an entirely new awareness for the student. Unlike conventional education, where the educator tells the student what to think, the ancient teachers illuminate the student in how to think.

Joy Class

Metaphysics 101

Live + Online

Metaphysics 101 is a 12-lesson module that covers 6 precepts. Each precept is followed by an explanation of said precept.

These lessons, at first, make no sense to the intellect but resonate to a higher state of mind that this educational platform wishes to activate.

The education in Metaphysics 101 transcends the intellect and activates the abstract mind in ways that few other education platforms address.

Through the use of the Law of Paradox, this course at first confuses the intellect, and then integrates the intellect into the abstract/contemplative mind.

We are excited to bring this course to you Online and Live. You can attend the live class in person, or via Zoom.

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Jeff Dunphy


Advanced Joy Class

Metaphysics 201

Online Only

This course carries on from the introductory Joy class with 4 additional precepts.

The graduates from Joy (Metaphysics 101) are now tasked with honing their mastery and further developing the Genius within.

The Advanced Joy class is more engaged in a collaborative Student effort. Unlike Metaphysics 101, Jeff will not be leading each class but will allow the students to collaborate with one another in the learning process. This class is student directed as opposed to Professor directed.

Offered Online via Zoom.

Prerequisites – Joy class

8 weeks to completion with 8 lessons

Coming Soon

As most students will attest, the Joy Class/Metaphysics is unlike any educational approach they’ve ever experienced.

This material could potentially awaken the mystic or genius in you.


It is not uncommon for the activation of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognisance to occur. Extrasensory perception is a common theme in this course of investigation. Awakening the Genius is not only unconventional but is in sharp contrast to our current society’s educational approach.

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