Joy Class

Joy Class is the first step on the path of Self Rediscovery.

This class is designed to activate and invigorate the abstract mind.

No skill is required for this course aside from immediacy.

The student is placed in a setting where it is safe to tune into and express intuitive thought.

Class discussions introduce the student to a new learning format where the effects are transcendiary.

The quest to attach to the inner Genius is activated and the tools to learn how to expand that attachment are given.

When the student applies their willpower, in order to direct and focus their attention, the tools that this course supplies will expand the student’s consciousness.

Testimonials for Joy class from students:


Written about the Scottsdale event – SOOOO wish I could be there. Joy class is awesome and I’d love to be able to give my perspective to prospectives. Gives people real tools for living in a real world on a spiritual level.  CRJ


Not only this experience has changed my life, perspective, and space that I walk in the universe, but also the interactions, thought processes, discussions and building of such deep realizations, and deeper rooted connections to others in the groups or extra teachings, has truly been more than a blessing within my life. It brings One light in the sense of understanding realizations of being with others and in our world, building off of just a foundation of understanding or discussion, but for me, these teachings, knowledges and blessings have extended out of this space to my deep understanding in education, spirituality in different avenues, and in professional practices. Words could not bring light to the experiences that are shared, collaborated with, and the knowledge that is somehow continuously built and progressive! You must feel, think and interact with it for yourself <3Love and Light.  JF


When I first went to the Joy school information session, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into. I felt called to attend and I trusted the friends who welcomed me so I joined them on that faithful Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t long into the presentation before I knew I was exactly where I was suppose to be. I was vibrating out of my seat with excitement as the teacher, Jeff, spoke to my soul’s purpose. As the slides passed and the words left his mouth, I was slowly remembering my power.  

I have a connection with Jeff that transcends time and space. He is a light worker that vibrates brilliance and truth into the cosmos, and I am grateful for the ways he has inspired me on my spiritual journey. Joy school has impacted me in ways that I can barely capture in words. The experience of the classes, selections, books, meditations and the energetic imprint of the lamasery have all raised my vibrational frequency to levels above and beyond my own personal practice. I feel grounded and uplifted all at the same time! I would recommend this experience to any one wishing to deepen their practice and understanding of their soul. I am so looking forward to the next semester in the fall and welcoming more friends to join our soul family of light workers 🙏🏼✨🙌🏼🌍  LL


For those of you that are seeking a higher understanding of life’s struggle…  A wonderful opportunity of self discovery.  TB