Joy Class (Metaphysics 101) -Online and Live

Class Launched on Jan 15 2024

Pre-Requisites – None
12 weeks to completion with 12 Lessons

Online/Correspondence and a Live Class every Monday or Tuesday night at 7 pm to 9 pm Mountain Time

There is a knowingness within each one of us, that drives a hunger that’s been with us since birth. The Ancient Mystery schools and the Contemporary Mystery Schools are here to serve mankind. In a simple step by step manner the intellect and the abstract mind are intertwined to develop an entirely new awareness for the student. Unlike conventional education, where the educator tells the student what to think, the ancient teachers illuminate the student in how to think. Metaphysics 101 is a 12-lesson module that covers 6 precepts. Each precept is followed by an explanation of said precept. These lessons, at first, make no sense to the intellect but resonate to a higher state of mind that this educational platform wishes to activate. The education in Metaphysics 101 transcends the intellect and activates the abstract mind in ways that few other education platforms address. Through the use of the Law of Paradox, this course at first confuses the intellect, and then integrates the intellect into the abstract/contemplative mind.

Here is an example of the Law of Paradox “In order for one to be selfless one must be selfish, but in order for one to be selfish, one must first be selfless.”

Students are presented with similar statements and are required to contemplate its intrinsic meaning. As most students will attest, the Joy Class/Metaphysics is unlike any educational approach they’ve ever experienced. This material could potentially awaken the mystic/genius in you. It is not uncommon for the activation of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognisance to occur. Extrasensory perception is a common theme in this course of investigation. Awakening the Genius is not only unconventional but is in sharp contrast to our current society’s educational approach.

We are excited to bring this comprehensive course to you Online and Live. You can attend either in person in Calgary, Alberta, or online via Zoom.

Advanced Joy class (Metaphysics 201)- Online only

Pre-Requisites – Metaphysics 101-Joy Class
8 weeks to completion with 8 lessons

This course carries on from the introductory Joy class with an augmented set of 4 additional precepts and explanations to the Precepts. The graduates from Joy (Metaphysics 101) are now tasked with honing their mastery and further developing the Genius within by learning to stand on their own two feet. The Advanced Joy class is more engaged in a collaborative Student effort. Unlike Metaphysics 101, Jeff will oversee each class but will allow the students to collaborate with one another in the learning process. This class is student directed as apposed to Professor directed.

We are excited to bring this comprehensive course to you Online and Live via Zoom.

Esoteric Psychology 101 and 201– Live and Online on Zoom

“Esoteric Psychology is to Anatomy what Numerology is to Arithmetic.”

Everyone has an Owners Manual. The Ancients have taught over time that the Universe that we live in has a Septenary nature. Seven Chakras, Seven Colors, Seven Days of the Week, Seven Sacred Planets, etc. We, as individuals (Geniuses) are ruled by the Seven Rays of the Cosmos. Each individual has Seven Bodies (Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Manasic, Buddhic, Atmic) and this course teaches us about the influence that the Seven Rays will have on these Seven Bodies. As we begin to understand our Ray makeup, we are adding more tools to our Owner’s Manual and more able to understand how the rays affect the Personality (Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental). The Personality serves as a tool through which the Genius Within can express itself in perfect alignment with its Divine Design. Each of us has a lower self, and a Higher Self. As we understand ourselves better, we are more capable of changing ourselves in keeping with the Genius. Our awareness of self allows us to change our self. The Ancients designed their educational modalities to focus on the profound meme of “Know Thyself”. This course gives the participant more tools in his/her pursuit to “Know Thyself”.

Coming Soon.

Esoteric Astrology – 101, 201 and 301

“Esoteric Astrology differs from conventional/traditional Astrology in that the focus is on the Soul’s purpose and not the personality’s.”

In keeping with what the Ancients have taught, the vessels that we are born into are to be used in alignment with our Divine purpose. Conventional/traditional Astrology focuses primarily on the Sun sign (where the sun was in the heavens at the time of birth traditionally identified with the personality). Esoteric Astrology brings a very important factor into consideration – The Rising Sign (Ascendant) represents the Soul’s directive. When one looks at one’s astrological makeup and recognizes that the Soul has chosen this makeup to facilitate It’s purpose, the aspirant can better align him or herself with the objective of his/her Soul/Genius. There has never been a time in mans history that astrology hasn’t played a significant part. When one examines significant historical events in correlation with the astrological information thereon it is truly amazing. The better one knows oneself, the more capable they are of expressing their Genius.

Each course is compiled of 7 Modules which investigates your vessel in order to hone it to become a Soul infused being.

Meditation 101

An introduction into how the mind works. The mind manifests its activity through various brain waves (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta) The student will be introduced to a concept of the brain being a receiver to the Divine Mind. As one learns to meditate, and manifest these brain waves at will, one learns how to plug into Divine guidance. Various Meditation techniques will be taught as well as guided meditations will be offered to the student in this class.

Meditation 201

As one hones their meditation practices, this course introduces techniques to align the student with the loftier heights of divine expression.

The Art of Being – workshops and online.

Coming soon

White Magic

Coming soon

Rainbow Bridge – Workshop and Online

Technique and practice. This technique was originally brought to light by the Master Dwjhal Khul. It involves the clearing out and the extrication of deleterious thought forms, energies and discordant patterns from the energy field (Aura) of the aspirant.

This technique allows for the development/building of the rainbow bridge/Antakharana. The Rainbow bridge is the channel through which we connect our lower selves to our Higher Selves.

Workshop – Live and online.

Book Club

Coming soon

  • The Kybalion
  • Nature of the Soul Cedarcrans
  • The initiate Book Series

Healing Clinic

Retooling currently offers numerous modalities of healing. They range from…Telepathy, aromatherapy, Bioacoustics, belief re patterning.

Astrological Readings

The readings offered by Retooling, are based on the concept that the Soul is the Divine director and consequently needs to be given an audience. This new Astrology views the personality as the vehicle through which the Soul can express its genius. The premise behind Esoteric Astrology is that the personality was chosen by the Soul to facilitate the Souls agenda.

Readings can be done Live or remotely.

Discover your Self

There are things to be done by you, done better by you, than anyone else in the world.

You are here for a purpose! In truth everyone has a purpose. Many have yet to discover it, but everyone has one.

Join a Community of individuals just like you, who seek to make the World a Harmonious place!

If this resonates with you, if you have followed conventional living and still feel unfulfilled or uninspired, then perhaps finding your purpose is worth pursuing. If everyone has a purpose, wouldn’t it be a good idea for you to find yours?

Why Retooling?

Many speak of this Journey as:

The Path of SELF Discovery

The Path of Enlightenment

The Path of Initiation

The Path of Return

The Path of Discipleship

The Path of Awakening

The Path of Alignment with Source

The Path of the Genius

The Path of the Masters

“The fine art of Self re-discovery lies within the exploring and investigation of the ancient wisdom handed down from time immemorial.”


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